Outfitting: Joanna

I took these pictures ages ago when we were hanging out at the Treehouse HQ with some of the Y-combinator guys. There was something about Joanna's outfit - so simple and striking - that I loved, not to mention her ability to make goofy faces while posing for pictures. And the black patent leather Danskos - so awesome!

Outfitting (catching up): Secondary colors

Not a whole lot going on conceptually here - just picked the shoes to go with the cardigan, but they ended up stealing the show. And with good reason; they are as comfortable as much as they look good (eat your heart out, Taryn Rose)!

Outfitting: A stud-y in contrasts

Got this skirt on sale on the site and built the outfit around it. Found it a bit challenging to mitigate the risque-ness of the skirt and not sure if I totally succeeded, but did my best by contrasting with a top that Garry describes as 'a doily.' Also liked the harder edge the studs add.

Thanks to my new sister-in-law Christine for the kickass bag!

Outfitting: Flashing

It's been a couple days, and over the weekend, autumn suddenly descended on the city like a waking nightmare. I'm really tired of the cold, but at least it gives us all an excuse to put on layers and wear cute knit accessories.
I built the outfit around the dress; everything else was kind of incidental.

The tees at Delias appear to be getting a little snarkier.

But I still love them. I must have 12 of them in my shopping cart...need help narrowing them down. First discovered Delia's sweet tees in like Lucky magazine or something, and quickly nabbed the text msg eye exam tee. Now I can't decide between the mildly snarky, geek-chic ones (I especially love the one that says 'I'm kind of a big deal' and the one with the crazy panda):

...Or the mildly artistic ones (love the graphic 'Amour' tee):

And finally the 80s nostalgia tees are rather choice, especially the USA for Africa one (I'm such a nerd for 'We Are The World).