Dear Anthro: I'm still in love with you.

It's been a while since I made a serious visit to the Anthropologie site. I was a little burned out after the orgy of Anthro-induced spending I made last year, where I bought all kinds of things including a $200 trench coat (which I still like a lot, by the way). Looking back, that was entirely too much to spend on a trench of that sort. 

I'm not really sure what got me to go back this time. I think because someone at work sent around a link to the Free People "Vintage Loves" campaign (which, by the way, is totally absurd, especially the pricing!), and that got me thinking, and then I got an e-mail about Anthro's latest sale. So I made a beeline for the sale section, and picked out all the best of the best--and yes, I too noticed my penchant for whites, blues, and pale oranges.

Who knew? Target makes fun and comfy shoes.

I guess I am a bit late jumping on the Target footwear bandwagon.  But I was there today for something totally different and found myself poking around the women's shoe section.  I could not tear myself away!  I came back with not one, but three pairs:

And best of all, they are so unbelievably comfy!  Who cares if they're made out of pleather?

Someone plz stop me from buying up the whole Coclico site.

I've been tracking this site for a while.  I was a bit confused at first about what, exactly, the Coclico folks did.  I have some to the conclusion that they not only design and make their own beautiful shoes, but they also are purveyors of a handful of other fine shoes.

I think the shoes speak for themselves: poetic structure, sumptuous materials, lovely little details.  And they look rather comfortable.  Only drawback?  They are NOT cheap.  But never fear, many styles are on sale now at  I've got my eye on the esska mary-janes with the teal straps and the esska black boot.

My burning love affair with Cydwoq shoes, part 2.

I was waiting for permission from the Cydwoq folks to post these pictures of some of my favorite designs from their Vintage line...The Modern line is pretty great as it were, but there's something about the Vintage line that captures my imagination.

I love the details, the slightly offbeat yet organic shapes, and the undeniable integrity of these shoes.  Time to save up so I can add to my collection of one =)
Check out the full line of Cydwoqs here.

It's official. Gwen Stefani's L.A.M.B. is shoe genius at its finest.

I've been sort of resisting L.A.M.B. shoes because of the celebrity association - in general, it seems really tacky to wear something a celebrity puts out as part of his/her merchandising empire.  Plus, I'm not one to sit by and help someone who is already rich doing one thing, to get richer doing something else.  And so, I fought hard not to fall for these shoes.

But it's no use.  I am head-over-heels in love.
I am most arduously ravished by her cheesily named 'Feisty' heels.  Let's analyze, shall we?  First, you have the snakeskin.  Whether it's fake or real (at these prices, they had better be real), you can never really go wrong with black and white snakeskin.  Classy, expensive, and luxurious, and different.

Next, you have the beautifully executed play on proportions, with thickish straps on top and a single thin black strap on bottom.  After attending my company holiday party last night, I realize I absolutely hate thin strappy heels.  To me they look paltry and weak; I like my shoes, like I like everything else in life, to have some substance and structure.  These Feisty heels definitely embody both.

Then you have striking embellishments in the double-black strap/buckles.  A lovely detail that adds so much dimension, plus it makes it somewhat customizable to your comfort.  And finally, you have the gorgeous and unique triangular wooden heel.  They could have gone with a simple stacked or stiletto heel.  But that wouldn't have been nearly as satisfying, now would it?  There is nothing about this shoe that isn't beautifully designed and well thought out.  I also included some of my other favorites, all with striking silhouettes, substance, and structure: the Cho heel, the Finsbury, and the Gypsy.

Quickie Shoe Post: Diba strikes again

Because really, who needs to pay attention to such mundane things as the progressively colder weather?  Not I.  I'm thinking these shoes would be perfect for the phenomenon known as "indian summer."  Or, if you live in California like I do, it'll take you all the way to November practically.

Diba made one of my favoritest pairs of shoes, some very structural pointy-toed flats in just the perfect shade of subtle gold.  They go with everything, except now they are so beat up that I probably need to take them to a cobbler to fix up.  In "Marrone" I find some really bold, strappy, hippie sandals with this genius touch of basketweave on the heel.  Brilliant.

More Dilemmas: Random shoes I am thinking of getting

I am probably closest to getting the ones pictured below, 'Shani' lace-up wedge booties by Bronx.  In brown.  Because they are some of the most awesome shoes I've seen all season.  The ones available are a bit large for me (size 7) but I think I'm willing to take the risk since...I can always return it I guess.

Other contenders:

Yes, I think I am going through another teal phase.  Last time, it resulted in a jewel-like formal top and a sleeveless, seventies-tastic romper (I promise I'll wear it and post pictures).  This time, it's shoes.

Dana Davis Volterra platform: Ultimate Wearability.

I just threw this on a private blog post to show a couple friends what I bought, but I got a good response so am making this post public.

So had a Dana Davis sale a couple weeks ago and I wanted these shoes, especially after doing a web search and realizing just how much these shoes cost normally.  They were adorable, I loved the bright pink color (I'm realizing that I veer towards a neutral-colored clothing and bright accessories), AND Dana Davis is known for this crazy comfort technology that is supposed to make these shoes extra wearable.  Think Taryn Rose, but possibly even cuter.  

I didn't get them the first time around because the sold out like * that *, but someone must have returned them because I got one of those "your waitlisted item is now available" e-mails and went and ordered them right away.  They were $128, down from $455. I can't wait for them to arrive!