Someone plz stop me from buying up the whole Coclico site.

I've been tracking this site for a while.  I was a bit confused at first about what, exactly, the Coclico folks did.  I have some to the conclusion that they not only design and make their own beautiful shoes, but they also are purveyors of a handful of other fine shoes.

I think the shoes speak for themselves: poetic structure, sumptuous materials, lovely little details.  And they look rather comfortable.  Only drawback?  They are NOT cheap.  But never fear, many styles are on sale now at  I've got my eye on the esska mary-janes with the teal straps and the esska black boot.

My burning love affair with Cydwoq shoes, part 2.

I was waiting for permission from the Cydwoq folks to post these pictures of some of my favorite designs from their Vintage line...The Modern line is pretty great as it were, but there's something about the Vintage line that captures my imagination.

I love the details, the slightly offbeat yet organic shapes, and the undeniable integrity of these shoes.  Time to save up so I can add to my collection of one =)
Check out the full line of Cydwoqs here.

Don't you love how 'inspiration' in the fashion world means wholesale plagiarism?

Behold the 'Drift' mary-jane from BCBGirls.  At a relatively affordable $112, they are a sensible alternative to the much-celebrated and sought-after studded 'Pigalle 100' pumps from Christian Louboutin.  I actually think I like the mary-janes better because the strap makes it so much more practical and wearable, plus I kind of prefer the suede over the leather.  If it weren't for the daunting 4.5" heels (even with a 0.5" platform), I would totally buy them.

I'm just a bit bemused by how much these shoes really 'borrow,' 'steal,' 'reference,' what have you, the original Louboutins.  For an industry that is so obsessed with protecting designs and intellectual property, it seems the line is very fuzzy and muddy indeed.

Here are the originals for your reference.  I think they retail upwards of $900.  And they look very dangerous besides.

Hat tip to A Girl's Guide to Shoes for finding the BCBG pumps first.