Outfitting: Flight attendant or high school teacher?

Not sure which look I'm channeling with this outfit. It all came about in my determination to give my closet thorough cleaning/organizing, when I came across this pretty awful light blue polo shirt from J.Crew that I've worn maybe twice in the last six years.

Determined to make it work somehow, I tried what has proven to be a pretty reliable tactic when trying to make an awkward collared shirt work: tuck it in. This I tried with a rather sculptural high-waisted pencil skirt from Zara (too bad you can't see the details in this grainy photo), and added this scarf, which I have also worn maybe twice, but in the last nine years. Two birds with one stone, this outfit!
  • J.Crew polo
  • Zara pencil skirt
  • Gray pumps from Hotwind in Beijing
  • Random scarf I bought on Canal St. in NYC, circa 2002

Outfitting: Oodles of Poodles

Ever since Miu Miu came out with their fanciful cat prints in Fall '09 (and various bloggers started sporting those pointy collars), I've been seeing tiny animal prints all over. On ModCloth alone we have this blouse, at least two pieces with miniature stallions all over them, a bug shirt, a cat top, and even a dress with red bananas on it. Well, the red bananas aren't really a part of the trend, but just thought I'd throw those in there.

I loved this blouse as soon as I put it on. Silky-feeling (though made of polyester), super easy to wear and pair with pretty much anything. I love the blouse-y little details like the ruching on the sleeves and the bow-tie in the back. Paired it with a prim navy skirt and my absolute favorite gold flats from Diba.

Outfitting: In the swing of things

I tried to be very good and went a good few weeks without making another ModCloth order. But I broke down recently and got a couple coats I'd been coveting, as well as some odds and ends. Put together this outfit for an easygoing weekend.

Outfitting: Mixing neutrals

Catching up with today's outfit and Friday's outfit. Firstly, a sweater dress:

This dress is so weird. I think it's suppose to be off-the-shoulder because one whole side of the dress is shorter than the other. It's quite roomy on the top and fitted around the hips. I own another dress like this, but I might like the other one better; this one is a bit too fussy, though the material is nice and cozy-soft. One of the few days I am totally ModClothed-out.

And next, a Friday outfit that layers ruffles upon ruffles:

Maybe it was ruffle overkill, and the outfit was rather fussy also, but I think the overall effect was interesting. I really like this new cardigan I got the tiered ruffles are really sweet and the color is neutral enough to pair with so many things. Someone commented that the blackness of the boot was too heavy for the airiness of the top, but I beg to differ.

Outfitting: Shoulder pads

I haven't worn this blazer outside in almost ten years, and I'm pretty sure the last time I wore it was for an internship interview for Los Angeles Magazine. The guy who interviewed me, some cocky editor, was kind of a butt-face and sauntered out in jeans and generally made me feel really lame for wearing a skirt suit. I mean it was lame of me to wear a skirt suit, but he could have been a little nicer about it.

I'm surprised the blazer looks decent when worn open like this; not nearly as stuffy as when I button it up. The rhinestone necklace I also haven't worn in forever, though I spent a laborious eight hours searching for it on eBay. I guess when I want something specific, I stop at nothing to find it.