Outfitting: Rain or shine

So excited to break out my new rubber rain boots for the first time!  So colorful... I loves them.

And for tromping around the office rather than in rain puddles, I had a sensible flat shoe to change into.

Outfitting: ...and her little dog, too!

Catching up from yesterday.  I love this image of Shanti with her blue chihuahua, Huey. So iconic and elegant - and with just the right touch of modernity in the brightness of the pants. She said she got the pants at a thrift store near the Haight, but I'll have to ask her for more details on Monday.

My outfit was also heavy on the vintage flair - this is another one of those fortuitous finds in that tiny shop in Mong Kok, Hong Kong. Something like $1 for the dress. I am in love with the intricate pattern on the print and how shimmery it is; very boho. And of course, my favoritest belt in the world, which took hours of searching on eBay to find. I think I'll be selling the boots though because they are just too high for my stupid ankles.

  • Thrifted dress
  • Ralph Lauren belt from eBay
  • Forever 21 wide diamond tights
  • Thrifted Celine ankle strapped boots

Hot or Not: Spirit Hoods

I first saw these on the ModCloth site and thought they were so, so weird. It's a hat... or a hood... made of fur, with animal ears. 

Please don't tell me peeps are going around channeling their favorite spirit animals. Part of me thinks people are off their rockers, but part of me thinks these abominations are actually kind of cute. What's their story?  What do they plan to do when this trend runs its course?

From the Spirit Hoods website:
We all want to be unique and we all appreciate the love and the bond we share with our family and friends, our BrotherHoods, our SisterHoods, our Tribe. SpiritHoods are more than just a wild accessory, they represent this bond and the connection we have with our wild natures. Whether you love fashion, adventure, animals, music, festivals, nightlife, the outdoors, or are simply wild at heart – SpiritHoods are a NECESSITY for your life style. It’s simply about letting loose, being wild and having a good time.

Outfitting: Noodle house

This dress is the fussiest thing. It's only got one and a half layers... as in, the inner layer only goes halfway down my back, so the lower half is super thin and in dire need of a slip, or a pair of leggings. It also doesn't fit super well, but I forgive it all these trespasses because the print is just so, so gorgeous. It's made out of a vintage sari: 

I got the dress for like $10 at the Echo Lake annual Lotus Festival. Some other girl was trying it on and I spied it and coveted it immediately. I couldn't believe she actually put it down, but I didn't ask too many questions before I pounced on it. I especially love the gold embroidery at the bodice.

Ducked into King of Noodle in the Inner Sunset for a very hearty, warm and satisfying dinner of boiled dumplings and Shandong-style hand-pulled noodles.

  • Random dress made out of a vintage sari
  • Anthropologie knit bolero
  • H&M tights
  • Corso Como boots

Outfitting: Through rose-colored stockings

No story here, I just scored this dress during the ModCloth Last Hurrah Sale and I love it - it fits perfectly. That's all. And I'm a little on the fence about the tights. Does it look like I have some kind of disorder that turns my legs red? I hope not.

Outfitting: Old School Chic

Yay, another guest outfit. I am totally smitten by this pitch-perfect look by our new graphic designer, Samantha. It looks a little like some of the very sophisticated, polished outfits I've seen on garancedore.fr: sharp, tailored blazer, wool herringbone shorts appropriate for autumn, super cute flat booties, and quirky brass accents. I should probably also ask her who does her hair.  So effortlessly pulled together. Loves it!

On Samantha: I'll have to get the deets from her later, but she got the adorable Ralph Lauren belt from a Goodwill in Daly City.

I, on the other hand, felt super grungy and frumpy today, but for some reason people still liked this tunic I wore. Pay no attention to the girl behind the curtain.