Outfitting: Fresh snow

I snapped this dress as soon as it went live on the ModCloth site. Something about the lacy flowery thing on the front just caught my attention and imagination. I liked the shape of it too - one thing about working with a bunch of women with great style is that I notice they are very careful about the cuts, shapes and silhouettes that work with their bodies. I'm still trying to figure this out for myself, but this is one that I feel comfortable in.

The only complaint I have is that the fabric of the skirt clung ferociously to my tights, and would ride up in a kind of unflattering way. I guess I'll have to try it with high socks next time.

Outfitting: Playing catch-up

Hung out with Izzy and Hava, who was all dolled up for a holiday party. I on the other had was ready and rarin' for the rain.

And from Friday... channeling Michael Jackson, or Adam Ant, or Sargent Pepper...or something.

  • Banana Republic tee
  • 'Press Darling Jacket' from ModCloth... also seen here.
  • Express houndstooth pants
  • Dolce Vita studded flats

Outfitting: Check, please

Damn I love these shoes - comfortable, sassy, and goes with everything. I also love the combination of this bolero with this tunic/dress. The tunic was one of those wonderfully rare scores at Old Navy - rather plain an neutral but beautifully versatile. It's got a great swingy comfort that makes you feel confident all day. I'm sure you'll see it in many other iterations on this here blog. And the tights, a heavy argyle knit, keeps me warm on a chilly San Francisco day.

  • Dress/tunic from Old Navy
  • Houndstooth bolero from Forever 21 from a few years ago
  • Argyle tights from from Forever 21
  • Fluevog 'Aquarius' heels
  • My own little combination of random heart pendants

Outfitting: Professorial

It's the knit waistcoat, pocket watch, and blazer with suede elbow patches. Doing some catch-up and posting outfits from today and two days ago.

  • No-name tee from Mervyn's
  • Rock & Republic knit waistcoat
  • AG jeans
  • Kenneth Cole leather aviator jacket
  • 'Cognitive Ability Necklace' from ModCloth

  • No-name tee
  • No-name crochet knitted tank from a store like Forever 21
  • AG jeans
  • Aerosoles brown oxfords
  • Tova agate necklace
  • Echo lime green gloves

Outfitting: Home on the Range

I didn't really intend to look like a character from Little House on the Prairie... it just kind of happened. I had the dress, I needed a belt, and the boots happened to be the same shade of leather as the belt buckle. Ah wells.
  • Thrifted vintage-style dress from Hong Kong
  • Urban Outfitters belt
  • 'Harney Peak Boot' from ModCloth
  • Vintage flower brooch on a chain from allencompanyinc on etsy

Outfitting: Flight lessons

Another one of those pieces that just hasn't seen much wear in the last couple of years, but for no apparent reason - this jacket is actually quite wearable despite being made out of leather. It was also a steal - $150, down from $400 at the Kenneth Cole store on Union St. in Pac Heights.

  • Kenneth Cole leather aviator jacket
  • No-name (yet oh-so-warm and cozy) sweater from Mervyn's a while back
  • AG jeans
  • Aerosoles oxfords (so grubby but so comfy)
  • Tova agate necklace
  • Burberry scarf pilfered from our employee clothing exchange rack

Outfitting: Reflections...from Wednesday

It took me so long to figure out how to wear this darn top from J.Crew. I bought it because I fell in love with the ruffles and pintucks, and because it was made of silk, and because this color was on sale for half the price of the normal colors (blue, black, etc.). And so it sat in my closet for probably two years, and I tried to get rid of it a few times, but had no takers.

I knew I had to pair it with either gray or other stark neutral, and finally decide to try it tucked into a skirt. Lo and behold, it worked pretty well, sort of like an updated take on Park Avenue 'princess' style. Got lots of comments on it!

  • J.Crew victorian ruffled blouse
  • 'Orion's Belt' from ModCloth
  • Black and white skirt form H&M
  • Corso Como boots
  • Silver necklace bought from Silk Market in Beijing