The tees at Delias appear to be getting a little snarkier.

But I still love them. I must have 12 of them in my shopping cart...need help narrowing them down. First discovered Delia's sweet tees in like Lucky magazine or something, and quickly nabbed the text msg eye exam tee. Now I can't decide between the mildly snarky, geek-chic ones (I especially love the one that says 'I'm kind of a big deal' and the one with the crazy panda):

...Or the mildly artistic ones (love the graphic 'Amour' tee):

And finally the 80s nostalgia tees are rather choice, especially the USA for Africa one (I'm such a nerd for 'We Are The World).

From Delias: Clever Tees for Hopeful Hearts

Living in the Bay Area, and especially hanging around the Mission (i.e. hipster central), surrounded by geek-chic start-up engineers and entrepreneurs, I see more than my share of snarky T-shirts on a daily basis.  And while we all love, I sometimes get a little fatigued breathing in the self-satisfied clouds of smug all the time.

Which is why I found these darling little tees on so refreshing.  Undeniably cute, with their funny little puns and good-natured, whimsical styles, these t-shirts convey something that many others don't: optimism.  In this cynical world, their earnest sense of humor is appealing indeed.  

Save $10 when you buy two online! Here are some of my favorites.

Garance Dore + Gap = Clothing I'd love to wear

Ya'll know how much I absolutely adore Garance Dore's blog (hands down my favorite fashion/style blog out there), and one of the things I like so much are her adorable sketches.

Well, she's teamed up with Gap to produce a super limited edition (only 69 for each design) line of T-shirts featuring her sketches! This, in addition to a special exhibition of her photos, scribbles, and anything else she cares to share with the world at London's Fashion Week.

I guess it'll be next to impossible for one of us stateside fans to get our hot little hands on a T-shirt, but here's hoping she finds a regular ol' T-shirt printer so she can sell the shirts directly, on her own site. Love love love 'em.