Dilemmas: Stuff I'd like to get from the General Economy

Been a long time since we did a "Dilemmas" post.  In this case it's not really a matter of choosing which one to get, but whether to get something at all - or get all of them :)

  • Oak NYC houndstooth scarf, $7
  • Frye Paige dark brown boots, $200
  • Rag & Bone top, $45
  • Free People sequined vest, $23
  • Random Japanese lace skirt, $30
  • Kookai striped sweater, $27
  • Anthro skirt, $45
  • Tulle pencil skirt, $20

I really don't get why everyone is so darn obsessed with A.P.C. (the French label)

I mean seriously, people.

Case in point: the girl who produces Camp Comfort, along with every single person in The Laws of General Economy community, they all seem to worship heartily at the alter of A.P.C. On Economy, if something gets posted for sale and it says A.P.C on the label, it's done for.  Girls trip over themselves to get a piece of the action like wolves tearing the last morsels of flesh off a downed caribou. I swear.

Disclaimers: 1) I do enjoy the down-to-earth style of Camp Comfort most of the time, 2) I am a rabid/avid follower of Economy and have bought two pretty cool items, and 3) I never owned a piece from A.P.C. and can't vouch for its quality or fit. But A.P.C., though exercising beautifully French restraint and looking mighty comfy, feels like little more than absurdly overpriced basics that you could otherwise get from Gap, or Banana, or J. Crew.  Observe:
Now, what makes it okay to spend $230 on a pair of overalls?  Is the cotton woven from the dried saliva of endangered Amazonian vampire bats?  Golden droplets of fairy-tears?  Tailbones of Ethiopian orphan babies?  I admit there are a few pieces in their new Spring 2010 collection that are lovely, like a few of the tops and dresses.  But there are other pieces that are downright grungy looking, and all I have to do is dig through my childhood closet to achieve that kind of look, thankyouverymuch.

Seeing the kinds of pieces that sell like hotcakes on Economy makes me think that people are indiscriminately and rabidly obsessed with the label without really evaluating the pieces individually for integrity and style.  I don't care what you say or who made it, I won't be duped into buying an ugly, expensive parka just because some fancy French label told me it was cool.


Read: The Sartorialist

The Sartorialist is easily one of my favorite street fashion blogs. Every morning I'm excited to see new posts that feature the most stylishly dressed people from New York, Milan, London and beyond. I live vicariously through his photos, hoping that I too, can be that well dressed.

The creator, Scott Schuman, recently published a 500-page book featuring his favorite photos and he'll be in San Francisco tomorrow. Hoping I'll keep my cool and not turn into a giggly teenager, I can't wait to get my copy signed. Maybe girlfriend/fiancée(?!) Garance (another favorite blogger) will be there too. Two for one deal. Live in LA? Scott will be there the next day.

San Francisco
Wednesday October 21st, 7:30pm-8:30pm
50 Geary Street

Los Angeles
Thursday October 22nd, 8pm-10pm
The Beverly Center
8th Floor, Outdoor Terrace

Source: 1-16

"FLAME HAIRED": One beautiful, striking image from the JAK & JIL blog

So normally I find the Jak & Jil blog a bit exhausting with its spiked and spiky heels, slavish adherence to all things high fashion, and decidedly unwearable get-ups (at least...for regular people). But every once in a while Tommy Ton blows my mind.

Such is the case with this photo of Taylor Tomasi, preternaturally red hair against a backdrop of neutrals. The precise angle of her profile, the tilt of her head, her expression, the wind-sweptedness of it all. For a moment, the world revolves around her. The buttery black leather and hard-edged zippers are an afterthought. Thank you, Tommy Ton.

Garance Dore + Gap = Clothing I'd love to wear

Ya'll know how much I absolutely adore Garance Dore's blog (hands down my favorite fashion/style blog out there), and one of the things I like so much are her adorable sketches.

Well, she's teamed up with Gap to produce a super limited edition (only 69 for each design) line of T-shirts featuring her sketches! This, in addition to a special exhibition of her photos, scribbles, and anything else she cares to share with the world at London's Fashion Week.

I guess it'll be next to impossible for one of us stateside fans to get our hot little hands on a T-shirt, but here's hoping she finds a regular ol' T-shirt printer so she can sell the shirts directly, on her own site. Love love love 'em.