Dilemmas: Stuff I'd like to get from the General Economy

Been a long time since we did a "Dilemmas" post.  In this case it's not really a matter of choosing which one to get, but whether to get something at all - or get all of them :)

  • Oak NYC houndstooth scarf, $7
  • Frye Paige dark brown boots, $200
  • Rag & Bone top, $45
  • Free People sequined vest, $23
  • Random Japanese lace skirt, $30
  • Kookai striped sweater, $27
  • Anthro skirt, $45
  • Tulle pencil skirt, $20

Versatility, as seen in the "magic wrap"

A few weeks ago in O'ahu I took some time out to shop (had to take advantage of the lower sales tax). I was attracted to sari silk fabrics displayed at one of the kiosks named Kariza Vintage. A young petite lady was modeling how to wear the garment in many different ways. Enough ways that there is an instructional booklet and a video :P 

The "magic wrap" is made up of two different sari prints, one longer than the other, bound together by a thick band at the top that extends past both fabrics to serve as a belt or sash to wrap around various parts of your body. 

I really like the creative use of silk saris in this garment. I love the bright colors and how the two different patterns play together. This piece also got me thinking more about versatility - garments that can easily take on different forms depending on mood and occasion. After all, none of us want to get stuck wearing the same outfit too often. In exchange for versatility, wearing this particular garment in many styles takes quite a bit of careful wrapping, tucking, tying, and knotting to make it look right. I am sure a bit of practice will make this a smoother process though :) 

"Oh, Geo": Speaking of bespoke...

Ok, I know I have to find some other source of inspiration than etsy, all the time, but I'm on a roll here.  I eyed this skirt a long time ago in sohomode's shop, and it sat there for a while without getting picked up and I thought, is everyone crazy, because this skirt is totally fantastic!  So bold! I didn't buy it because of the whole no shopping for Lent thing.  Plus, the original skirt was way too small for me.

But months later when someone finally snapped it up, I was crushed!  I still wanted it.  So I messaged Louise Hedley, the designer, and she very gamely let me know that she had found just one last scrap of fabric just like this one (it was supposed to be one-of-a-kind) and could make it up in my measurements.  After a lot of back and forth on what, exactly, my measurements were, I finally dropped the payment today.  $60 for a bespoke skirt, I think, especially "limited edition" like this, is not bad at all.  I love the contrast of purple belt and bright yellow geometric print, and as long as I was ordering custom, I asked Louise if she could find a lime green fabric to use as the lining, because that would be fun!

Louise makes this pencil skirt in a range of prints and fabrics... check out the link above.  As for me, I am thinking of asking Louise for a knee length, simple A-line red tartan wool skirt (yes I'm already thinking of fall), cut on a bias.

Meet Bonzie, Pt. 1: Which skirt should I get?

Bonzie is an independent Irish "aunt-niece design duo with a love for an olde worlde time worn aesthetic."  I first discovered them on etsy (of course) months ago and have been in love with their designs ever since.  Bonzie is best known for its boleros, which I'll feature in Part 2, but if I were to get one thing for myself, it would have to be one of these fantastic upcycled skirts.

Combining ladylike ruffles with traditional plaids, hard-edged leather and hardware, they suggest a bit of steampunk, a bit of Scottish kilt, a bit of wayward pirate wench, and all romance.  Problem is, they come in many colors and are customizable, so I'm having trouble deciding on just one style.

Bonzie and Ger were so cute in their response: "Thanks ever so much for your kind words about our work, we are chuffed that you enjoy our designs and would be delighted for you to...be featuring us!"

Fashion Friday: Skirts/Dresses with Pockets

Being the practical girl that I am, I think dresses and skirts with pockets are just brilliant.  I am certainly not the first girl to think this, and I hope I won't be the last.  

Pockets on skirts and dresses instantly take the edge off a piece of clothing, they have a way of making themselves incredibly useful, they make your handbag optional, and you look extra jaunty swinging down the street with your hands in them!

These examples prove that practicality need not be dowdy.  What's not to love?

  • Pockets on dresses used to be common, a thing of necessity.  At what point did someone decide to do away with pockets on dresses?