Dilemmas: Stuff I am considering from urbn.com before Monday

They are having a free shipping special.  I am a sucker for free shipping, and these are all on major sale.

1. Beaded bangle/cuff ($16.99 from $24.).  Not much in the way of savings, but it's so purty.
2. Paisley cotton rug ($30 from $68)  I'm pretty much sure I'm going to get it because I've been eyeing it for a while (and yes I know it looks just like the fabric I bought).
3. Miss Sixty lace-up boot ($150 from $300).  I love the way it looks but I don't know if my ankles can handle the 3.5" heel, or my wallet the hefty price.
4. Funky oxford ($30 from $88).  Seems like a great deal, but I realize not everyone can pull off this vintage look.
5. Penguin trench with contrast trim ($125 from $295).  Great deal too, but is it just me or is it not that well tailored around the waist?
6. Military band jacket ($50 from $88).  I bet Garry would love this if they made one for men.  It is like, oh-so-hipster.

Thoughts/votes welcomed.

UPDATE: I decided against the cuff (I probably wouldn't end up wearing it and can get someting similar at Forever 21), the trench coat (poor-looking fit and unsure about the contrast trim), and the military band jacket (it's cool, but ultimately not my style).

I added the following items:

I plan to try everything on and probably return half the stuff.  Yayyyy free shipping!

Dilemmas: I love my mom (or, My mom weighs in)

From: Me
Date: Thu, Oct 30, 2008 at 2:06 AM
Subject: Should I keep these?
To: My Mom

Hi Mommy,

Please tell me what you think of these clothes.  

1. Beige sweater, $50 (on sale from $78).  It is soft and comfortable, just not sure it is worth $50
2. Gray felt blazer, $80 (on sale from $160).  It is very soft, but I'm not sure if it is practical.
3. Gray/black long heavy coat, $91 (on sale from $130, but I got it from Ross so the suggested retail price is more almost $300).  It is just a tiny bit big for me.
4. Dark gray sweater/jacket, $35 at Ross.  I really like it--it is warm and comfortable.  

Thanks for your opinion!


From: My Mom
To: Me
Subject: My Opinion

Dearest Stephanie
I look @ your 4 clothings that you sent to me for opinion,  twice.
this is my honest opinion on all of them, don't care about how much they cost,
I think they are all pretty "UGLY" 
even God bless you with a beautiful figure, all most like > 95% no matter what you put on ,
both daddy & me all ways say you look nice.
but not with these 4 clothings
they are not just UGLY by themselve, they made you look fat , heavy & UGLY too for no reason.
So, my advice is to  RETURN THEM ALL ASAP
When we 've a chance we shop together, I 'll HELP you pick clothing that will make you look cute & classic

also KEEP YOU ALLWAYS  SAFE  from all evil harmfull things