Hot or Not? Draped jersey dress from Surface2Air

Surface2Air is another one of those impeccably easy-breezy French labels (like the absurd A.P.C.) that I feel like I should love.  I mean, Garance Dore herself swoons over it.  Surely if such elegant tastemakers endorse the company, then I should too, right?

As such, I came * thisclose * to ordering this dress tonight.  $69, from $150.  And I have my mom to thank for bringing my daffy head back down to earth (see below for our IM convo).

memom, are you still there?  what do you think of this dress: [link to]
me: i like it
KhoonI saw only the blue dress   that is ugly do U mean this blue one  or else
me: the blue one.
me: why is it ugly? i like it.
Khoon: it is ugle & wiere too  Not good @ all

In the end, it was the "wiere" backside of the dress that really made me scratch my head.

Fashion Friday, part 2: My mom weighs in (of course)

From: my mom
Date: Fri, Nov 21, 2008 at 5:18 AM
Subject: commence about the jacket
To: me

Dearest Tami !!!
I think is pretty cute, will make U look light, with some kind of classic taste
although is not the best,but it look more than O.K., but 've some doubt it is the very good buy
@ the moment that a lots of these department stores are really really SLASHING their prices to fight to get people
to shop @ their stores for the holidays, I don't want U to too RUSH to get it, except, only when U really really LIKE IT SO MUCHHHHHHHHH
HOW ABOUT THE MATERIAL ?  Dose it 've good quality EXPENSIVE LOOK ??
from the pictures I cann't really tell about the color, did U put it on @ day time with the good light & See Carefully, & see is the color look Fresh
& new Not DULL & OLD, then see is color O.K. on U
then decide , if  U are not sure or 100 % really like, then the answer is NO NO NO
do not buy it just because U afraid U are losing a good chance or a deal, that is not right
the condition out there is so bad , they even said, who ever 've the money on hand is a KING right now
all those car dealers have mountain high piles of cars on the lots that they cannot sell, slashing prices too.........,.... on & on
so no reason to RUSH SHOPPING & BUY
Love U

Dilemmas: I love my mom (or, My mom weighs in)

From: Me
Date: Thu, Oct 30, 2008 at 2:06 AM
Subject: Should I keep these?
To: My Mom

Hi Mommy,

Please tell me what you think of these clothes.  

1. Beige sweater, $50 (on sale from $78).  It is soft and comfortable, just not sure it is worth $50
2. Gray felt blazer, $80 (on sale from $160).  It is very soft, but I'm not sure if it is practical.
3. Gray/black long heavy coat, $91 (on sale from $130, but I got it from Ross so the suggested retail price is more almost $300).  It is just a tiny bit big for me.
4. Dark gray sweater/jacket, $35 at Ross.  I really like it--it is warm and comfortable.  

Thanks for your opinion!


From: My Mom
To: Me
Subject: My Opinion

Dearest Stephanie
I look @ your 4 clothings that you sent to me for opinion,  twice.
this is my honest opinion on all of them, don't care about how much they cost,
I think they are all pretty "UGLY" 
even God bless you with a beautiful figure, all most like > 95% no matter what you put on ,
both daddy & me all ways say you look nice.
but not with these 4 clothings
they are not just UGLY by themselve, they made you look fat , heavy & UGLY too for no reason.
So, my advice is to  RETURN THEM ALL ASAP
When we 've a chance we shop together, I 'll HELP you pick clothing that will make you look cute & classic

also KEEP YOU ALLWAYS  SAFE  from all evil harmfull things