Not sure which trend I'm caving to...

Yes we're shoe-crazy here at wearability.  So is it a gladiator sandal, which I once called the trend that should die?  Or is it the more recent cage trend sparked by YSL's beauties?

I'm hoping these sandals I got from yesterday (in taupe, down to $39.00 from $58.00) are in a class all their own.  I'm looking forward to how comfy they look--hope there's still enough summer left for me to wear them.

Dilemmas: Which dress do you like?

I was browsing the Urban Outfitters site for dresses. What do you guys think of the following?

Dark Red Scooped Brushed Dress $40 (or a similar V-neck dress which is only $20)

As a side note - I like that they have user reviews on the fit and the wear. That's helpful, esp for online shopping :)

@jensmccabe Weekend Ensemble Challenge

Talk about working under pressure!  At about 1am I chanced across this note from jensmccabe on twitter:

@slimmette have ultimate challenge. Need weekend ensemble. Stat. Must be deliverable via overnight. Not too girly shirt; good w/jeans?

It was sent on 5/5 (mmyeah I rarely check twitter or FB) so I had quite a bit of time to make up.  I didn't even see the part where she said "not too girly shirt," plus I had no idea where she was going or the occasion.  So I guess this ensemble isn't going to be perfect.  Jen - next time leave a comment on Wearability and we'll get it right away!

Outfit 1: "Disjointed series No. 6" top from artlab. Rhombus earrings from polishedtwo. Kickass Report boots from

Outfit 2: Vintage secretary blouse from allencompany.  Tudor yellowheart earrings from orno. Red Tatiana T-strap heels from

Backups: Eyelet sample dress from makool. Kimono sleeve dress with pleated runner from lisarietz.

Handbag: I like this fun little Deena & Ozzy perforated satchel from

Whew--it doesn't even matter if Jen ends up wearing any of this, it was fun to put together =)  I'm going to bed now.

Dilemmas: Stuff I am considering from before Monday

They are having a free shipping special.  I am a sucker for free shipping, and these are all on major sale.

1. Beaded bangle/cuff ($16.99 from $24.).  Not much in the way of savings, but it's so purty.
2. Paisley cotton rug ($30 from $68)  I'm pretty much sure I'm going to get it because I've been eyeing it for a while (and yes I know it looks just like the fabric I bought).
3. Miss Sixty lace-up boot ($150 from $300).  I love the way it looks but I don't know if my ankles can handle the 3.5" heel, or my wallet the hefty price.
4. Funky oxford ($30 from $88).  Seems like a great deal, but I realize not everyone can pull off this vintage look.
5. Penguin trench with contrast trim ($125 from $295).  Great deal too, but is it just me or is it not that well tailored around the waist?
6. Military band jacket ($50 from $88).  I bet Garry would love this if they made one for men.  It is like, oh-so-hipster.

Thoughts/votes welcomed.

UPDATE: I decided against the cuff (I probably wouldn't end up wearing it and can get someting similar at Forever 21), the trench coat (poor-looking fit and unsure about the contrast trim), and the military band jacket (it's cool, but ultimately not my style).

I added the following items:

I plan to try everything on and probably return half the stuff.  Yayyyy free shipping!