@jensmccabe Weekend Ensemble Challenge

Talk about working under pressure!  At about 1am I chanced across this note from jensmccabe on twitter:

@slimmette have ultimate challenge. Need weekend ensemble. Stat. Must be deliverable via overnight. Not too girly shirt; good w/jeans?

It was sent on 5/5 (mmyeah I rarely check twitter or FB) so I had quite a bit of time to make up.  I didn't even see the part where she said "not too girly shirt," plus I had no idea where she was going or the occasion.  So I guess this ensemble isn't going to be perfect.  Jen - next time leave a comment on Wearability and we'll get it right away!

Outfit 1: "Disjointed series No. 6" top from artlab. Rhombus earrings from polishedtwo. Kickass Report boots from 80spurple.com

Outfit 2: Vintage secretary blouse from allencompany.  Tudor yellowheart earrings from orno. Red Tatiana T-strap heels from UrbanOutfitters.com.

Backups: Eyelet sample dress from makool. Kimono sleeve dress with pleated runner from lisarietz.

Handbag: I like this fun little Deena & Ozzy perforated satchel from urbanoutfitters.com.

Whew--it doesn't even matter if Jen ends up wearing any of this, it was fun to put together =)  I'm going to bed now.

Help keep me accountable.

I am not Catholic, but I decided to give up shopping for Lent.  That is, shopping for things I don't really need, specifically clothing and home goods.  If I really wanted to be good, I would cut out extraneous groceries also, but that's a huge gray area because I get around to eating everything eventually.

It has actually been effective for me, because each time I find myself salivating over something exquisite, even this Philip Stein diamond bezel watch ($662 from $1,325.00), I catch myself and am reminded of the greatest and most exquisite sacrifice of all, if you choose to believe in it, and how sad and small everything else is when compared to that!

Stainless steel case with a white nouveau dial and a stainless steel bezel. Total diamond carat weight is 0.22. 'Thumbtack' crown and diamond hour-markers. Black pradino strap that is changeable. Features active frequency technology to restore and improve the flow of energy in your body. Case is water resistance tested at 3 ATM. Case measures 50 mm (1.75 inches) in length and 32mm (1 inch) in width. Band measures 20 mm (0.9 inches) at widest point and 190 mm (9 inches) in length. Buckle closure. Two year limited manufacturer warranty on the case only.

It all sounds so fancy and yet - it's just a watch for heaven's sake!  Anyway, if I post something and ask, 'Should I buy this?" go ahead and start a flame war or something, haha!