Outfitting: Primary/Secondary Colors

Again combining a few things I haven't worn in forever, and colors I don't usually wear. I really liked how the moss green of the scarf played against the bright red, but to keep it from looking too Christmas-y (a bit early for that!), I added some neutrals and a bright teal in the same color group. Voila.

  • Basic H&M knit top
  • Random polka-dot scarf I got off Canal St. in NYC
  • Arden B. linen skirt (you'll be seeing a lot of this one - one of my favorite versatile pieces, even though it's quite lumpy when it's not been ironed in a while)
  • Esska 'Milo' mary-jane heels from the Coclico website

Outfitting: Office appropriate with Shanti, from Friday

Just catching up. Nothing too special about my outfit - pretty boring actually.

On me:
  • Vintage crocheted cardigan, bought at some discount store in Mong Kok
  • Ransom tee from Mervyn's
  • Express herringbone pants from like ten years ago. I will never give these pants up because they are awesome.
  • Fluevog 'Aquarius' heels

On Shanti: 

  • Vintage secretary blouse
  • Vintage sweater vest
  • New black satin mini skirt and fishnets (don't know the brand)
  • Vintage Ferragamo flats

Outfitting: Citius, Altius, Fortius

I don't follow a lot of sports, but I am such an Olympics nerd. Since I was a kid, even the opening theme song makes my eyes tear up. So I was super thrilled to make it to this year's winter Olympics in Vancouver, BC. Walking along Robson St., soaking in the festive atmosphere, I ducked into Canadian boutique Aritzia and found all their Olympics paraphernalia on sale.

You can imagine my elation when I found this reproduction track jacket with none other than the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics logo printed on it. Talk about blast from the past. I was suddenly full of nostalgia and hometown pride. Of course I had to buy it immediately.

  • Aritzia Olympics-branded track jacket
  • Adriano Goldschmied jeans
  • Gap Outlet ballet flats

Outfitting: Dancer in the Dark

We were waiting for our friends to meet us at Kezar Pavilion and were just walking around when we got pulled into this store called Free Gold Watch. They were having a clearance sale on last season's items so we decided to have a look-see. What we found were a couple racks of pretty awesome screen-printed tees, blouses, hoodies, and sweaters.

In about 10 minutes I got two things, this sheer-back, batwing blouse printed with a vintage ballet dancer in motion (so graphic!) and a tee with a giant purple panda face on it, both for just $10.  Garry got a nifty sweater with some cool button detailing along the shoulders.

  • Free Gold Watch dancer blouse
  • Paperboy capri pants from Anthropologie
  • Vintage snake and tarnished silver cuffs from sarah19r on eBay.
  • Zara pink suede slingback kitten heels

Outfitting: Sky high

Netta and I had a hard time identifying what, exactly, this piece of clothing is. A cape? But it has sleeves. A poncho? ...but it has sleeves. Finally Mina spoke up and called it a 'trapeze jacket.'  After verifying on Google Image Search, Netta and I had to agree. Whatever it is, it was one of the few items I was really happy to procure during my time in Beijing a couple years ago. The boots though, I may have to sell, because they are simply too high.

  • EBase woven trapeze jacket, bought at Zhongguancun Center in Haidian, Beijing
  • Rock & Republic jeans
  • Celine high heeled boots
  • Ring from ethnic boutique on Nanluoguxiang, Beijing

Outfitting: In living color

I normally do not wear much color.  In fact, I most certainly do not ever wear THIS much color all together, and certainly not with so many patterns mixed in, and with no neutrals to anchor them! I bought this dress on a whim, during the ModCloth Labor Day 'Last Hurrah' sale, because it was cheap and I thought maybe I'd try something a little beyond my comfort zone. At first I had no idea how to pair it with anything. The burgundy tights were an accident over the weekend, when I was cold and these were some of the only tights that were still clean and not plaid, or lacy.

Something about the dull orange-y yellow of the heels fit too, maybe because all the colors were in the same class, they seemed to work. I love Pink Studio so much because the shoes are not expensive but are still very high quality. Only problem with these is that the left shoe is labeled a 6M, but feels like a 5.5, which is not very comfortable at all.

Outfitting: Looking a little spotty

Inspired by Netta's play on patterns yesterday, I tried pairing this strikingly polka-dotty dress with some polka-dotted tights. I'd originally been disappointed that the dress came in navy blue spots, rather than black, but when I played it up I think it worked out well.

Also took some shots of my coworkers, Shanti (our awesome 'librarian chic' office manager) and Netta of ninja fame.

On Shanti:

On Netta:

Outfitting: Pom-tificating

Today's outfit did not take a ton of thought, just wanted to showcase this awesome print scarf (with pom-poms! I luv pom-poms!) and keep everything else relatively simple. I had so many issues getting this scarf to hang right, especially because it's only printed on one side. I still love it because of the super retro 70s-style pattern and funky earth tone colors.

Outfitting: Subtle Woodland Creatures

I'm trying something new - now that I'm working for the most fantastic online indie retail site evarr (yay SEO backlinks!), it's high time I start documenting my daily outfits. It's been hard to be creative when so many other things are taking priority, but I have to try. To make things easier, my coworker Netta and I decided to help each other take photos so we don't feel so silly using self-timers in our (my) badly lit apartments.  I still felt rather sheepish ducking into a conference room and posing for Netta's iPhone. Oh well, I'm sure we'll get used to it.

Layering the two necklaces was a stroke of inspiration yesterday when I looked at my stuff and thought, how do I make this owl less cutesy?  How do I make this cool deer-skull less creepy? I have to say I probably first got the idea from the whimsical Jane Aldridge. But hey, animal combos really work!