Outfitting: Joanna

I took these pictures ages ago when we were hanging out at the Treehouse HQ with some of the Y-combinator guys. There was something about Joanna's outfit - so simple and striking - that I loved, not to mention her ability to make goofy faces while posing for pictures. And the black patent leather Danskos - so awesome!

Outfitting (catching up): Secondary colors

Not a whole lot going on conceptually here - just picked the shoes to go with the cardigan, but they ended up stealing the show. And with good reason; they are as comfortable as much as they look good (eat your heart out, Taryn Rose)!

Outfitting: A stud-y in contrasts

Got this skirt on sale on the site and built the outfit around it. Found it a bit challenging to mitigate the risque-ness of the skirt and not sure if I totally succeeded, but did my best by contrasting with a top that Garry describes as 'a doily.' Also liked the harder edge the studs add.

Thanks to my new sister-in-law Christine for the kickass bag!

Outfitting: Flashing

It's been a couple days, and over the weekend, autumn suddenly descended on the city like a waking nightmare. I'm really tired of the cold, but at least it gives us all an excuse to put on layers and wear cute knit accessories.
I built the outfit around the dress; everything else was kind of incidental.

Outfitting: If Juliette Low could see us, you know what she'd say? She'd say, "Look at Troop 1153 in a special way!"

Yes, this is a real Girl Scouts shirt that has belonged to me since the fifth grade, when I was a Junior level Girl Scout. I remember it was really big on me back then, but it fits pretty well now. Several years ago I dug it up in a spare room at my parents' place, and have been trying to make it work into my wardrobe ever since, because let's face it, it's pretty darn awesome. I had a lot of trouble figuring it out and kept trying to pair it with jeans, wearing it open. 

Yesterday I was struck by a bit of inspiration and thought maybe it would work tucked into a high waisted skirt. I thought first of using a pencil skirt, but then came across this really full, oldschool kind of skirt in my closet that I bought, no joke, just because it had pockets. I LOVE skirts with pockets! And it happened to be perfect with the shirt. A lot of this outfit is very experimental; I felt there was something missing at the neckline and thought maybe a scarf would do really well there (this shirt is intended to be worn with a neckerchief of sorts), but I just didn't have one in the right weight and color. I had just bought this giant flower necklace from ModCloth and thought, heck, why not try it out?

The two belts I added because the skirt has two belt loops. I experimented with a few different ones in different colors and decided it was probably best to keep things simple. Same went for footwear - I toyed with red pumps and electric blue loafers, which worked, okay, but I think the studded black sandals bring a bit of edge to an otherwise conservative look.

Even as I went out the door, I was not sure how this outfit would fly, but as it turned out, everyone at work liked it a lot, and they are a discerning bunch!

Outfitting: My panda bear is staring at you, too

So this outfit was a total experiment. I had gotten the band jacket off ModCloth because I thought, if anyone were in the market for a band jacket, this had to be the best example of one out there, provided you didn't want to spend more than about $75. The details are all wonderful, from the gold braided cords across the front, to the big brassy buttons, to the detailed epaulettes on the shoulders. I can't deny it's a bold piece, very flashy, very Michael Jackson (r.i.p.).

That's one thing I love about working at ModCloth - it's really encouraged me to take more fashion risks that I'd never have considered before. So I thought I'd give it a try.  The panda tee I absolutely love, even though it doesn't seem to elicit much of a reaction out of people. But they do love those studded Dolce Vita flats.

Outfitting: Rockin' da Boots (last one of the day, I promise)

I have had so much trouble getting these boots to work with anything other than this skirt. Maybe it's the plum color, but they also have this really odd shaft height that stops right where my calves get fat. I've learned to stick to either ankle or knee boots, but I couldn't resist the luscious leather and quality handiwork one can expect from Frye, and the truth is, I love the boots just the way they are. Even if they end up sitting on my bookshelf for 90% of the year.

Outfitting: OMFG My Favorite Things LOLs!

This thrifted Marc Jacobs blazer is one of the crowning jewels of my closet. I got it for just $40 and love the grosgrain ribbon details (sorry, forgot the detail shots!). Also wearing my favorite pair of shoes and a pretty amazing ring from Noir. All makes for a simple look for the modern workplace.