This online store took my breath away.

I know I kind of bounce around about 5 topics on this blog: food, fashion, music, art, movies.  And a recent sixth: the Olympics.

I'd like to turn my attention right now to fashion.  Vintage and historical fashion.  I'm not exactly sure how I got on this search, but I was looking for Brussels lace and flipped over to the image search.  Through that, I came across Vintage Textile, a store that specializes in high couture, vintage and antique clothing and accessories from about 1820 - 1970.  I'm amazed that textiles can last almost 200 years without falling to bits and pieces.  Their collection is of truly extraordinary quality and craftsmanship and handiwork, and I found myself weak in the knees at the utter beauty of it.  People just don't make clothing like this anymore.  Well, maybe they do, but labor is so costly these days that similarly detailed work would fetch closer to $10,000. 

I was especially swept away by their treasure trove of 1920s flapper dresses, tea dresses, capes, shawls, and such.  If I ever have $1500 to throw away on an article of clothing, I'm definitely investing in one of their offerings.  I'm attaching some of my favorites.