Alexander McQueen says, "I want you to wear animals!"

I don't know a whole lot about Alexander McQueen except that he likes to push the envelope, and his clothing is way out of my price range (even at Gilt Groupe prices).  That doesn't mean I can't appreciate the darkly fantastical quality in his designs, like something out of a modern vampire novel (maybe if the Twilight kids found themselves on the set of Gossip Girl).  Just a twinge of urban gothic.

Here are some of today's sale items that spoke to me.  They said, "We're a little dangerous and will leave a slight strange taste in your mouth."  Hah!

I don't especially like the idea of wearing animal materials for their own sake--I draw the line at killing animals for fashion. (Though, I'm apparently okay with wearing leather if I get to eat the steak =P)  But these pieces are... interesting.  I'm intrigued by the beast of a goat-fur armored tote bag and the python slingback heels especially.  And I love the structure of his dresses.