Someone plz stop me from buying up the whole Coclico site.

I've been tracking this site for a while.  I was a bit confused at first about what, exactly, the Coclico folks did.  I have some to the conclusion that they not only design and make their own beautiful shoes, but they also are purveyors of a handful of other fine shoes.

I think the shoes speak for themselves: poetic structure, sumptuous materials, lovely little details.  And they look rather comfortable.  Only drawback?  They are NOT cheap.  But never fear, many styles are on sale now at  I've got my eye on the esska mary-janes with the teal straps and the esska black boot.

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oohh la la! love the second one!
Omg, I am in love with #8. Those colours...*swoon*
@col Agreed!  of all the ones I listed I am most likely to buy that pair =)
Am I blind? I couldn't find them in the sale section. Are they gone?
@col I think you want to look under "esska" not the sale page...don't know why it doesn't show up on the sale page. I sure hope you are not a size 37! =)
aha, there they are. I'm a size 39, you're safe! Oh man I really want them but I am on a self imposed shoe ban.
Slowly step away from the computer and put your hands in the air... ;)
Lol... well, one thing for sure will stop me from buying... and that is all the shoes running out in my size!
I know! The same thing happened to me but at the store! I had to compare a low end boot w/ a high end boot and ended up going home with the high end boot from Coclico :) Funny how I didn't get the cheaper one from DSW
@OverUboots good for you; I'm sure the Coclico boots will last you forever, so it'll be worth the investment!