My burning love affair with Cydwoq shoes, part 2.

I was waiting for permission from the Cydwoq folks to post these pictures of some of my favorite designs from their Vintage line...The Modern line is pretty great as it were, but there's something about the Vintage line that captures my imagination.

I love the details, the slightly offbeat yet organic shapes, and the undeniable integrity of these shoes.  Time to save up so I can add to my collection of one =)
Check out the full line of Cydwoqs here.
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love cydwoq shoes too
love cydwoq shoes too!
Gorgeous! Such beautiful details and clearly amazing craftsmanship. I have to agree that there really is something about this vintage line ;)
@jennifer and @verduras glad the cydwoqs hit a nerve =)
@threadhop yes the craftsmanship is definitely the most distinctive thing about these shoes! It's all I can do not to spend my next paycheck on several pairs.
Oh, I just found Part 2 of your Cydwoq post after commenting on Part 1. One thing to be aware of when ordering from the Cydwoq site is that although they will make adjustments to the pair you order if the fit is off, they won't accept returns if you simply decide the shoe isn't for you and change your mind. Yikes. Which is why I prefer getting my Cydwoqs at Ped. Earlier this year I ordered that strappy one you show above, which I love in theory, but which in reality turned my ankles into cankles. I was so glad I could return them to Ped for a refund.
@NeelaP lol cankles - what a funny word =)  I'm sorry those strappy ones didn't work out, because you're right - they look so great in theory!
Thanks much for the tip on Ped shoes; I've had a few people suggest them to me and now I just have to go check them out, especially because I visit the Berkeley/Oakland area a lot!  Even better than ordering online is seeing them in person and trying them out - whenever I have another $400 just lying around waiting to be spent on sculpted leather and ravishing details.

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