Dilemmas: Stuff I'd like to get from the General Economy

Been a long time since we did a "Dilemmas" post.  In this case it's not really a matter of choosing which one to get, but whether to get something at all - or get all of them :)

  • Oak NYC houndstooth scarf, $7
  • Frye Paige dark brown boots, $200
  • Rag & Bone top, $45
  • Free People sequined vest, $23
  • Random Japanese lace skirt, $30
  • Kookai striped sweater, $27
  • Anthro skirt, $45
  • Tulle pencil skirt, $20
4 responses
Ok my two cents :)

Only things "worth" buying here are the boots and the Rag & Bone top, and maybe the scarf (cuz it's so cheap). Reasoning:

+ The boots will actually last, and $45 is really cheap for Rag & Bone, which is really high quality.
+ The sequined vest, the lace skirt, and the tulle skirt will cost you more to wash (dryclean) it than to purchase it, which seems really silly.
+ The black skirt and the Kookai sweater are just okay.

Ok good luck!

Thanks Viv - good advice =)
The boots I have to decide if I want to go with these or with something more rugged (I have been lusting after the Frye Owen boots forever).  Also, Frye is just so darn expensive; there goes my shopping budget for the month!  I'll marinate some more on it.
I think I agree w/ everything else.  The Kookai sweater is basic, but I've been wanting to get something with stripes.

I love the boots!
Thanks Eileen!

Viv, the top is actually $65. Still worth it? I won the drawing!