Shoes on the brain.

I apologize in advance to the guys who probably don't care about this sort of stuff.

I can't help it, I have shoes on the brain.  Until very recently, I was feeling quite guilty about the shoes I've been amassing over the last few years.  My dad would always flip out about how many I had.  But then I met a coworker who has an ENORMOUS shoe collection.  I didn't quite believe her, and was like, "how much could 'a lot of shoes' be?" The answer: almost 200 pairs.  And we're talking some serious shoes--Christian Louboutin, Manolos, etc.

Now I don't feel so bad about my paltry 24+ pairs of shoes, most of which I didn't pay more than $40-50 for (some as little as $15).  This means, of course, that I can buy more!  Whee.  Anyway, I could sure use some input from the style-minded:

1. I walked into Therapy on Castro St. today and tried on 'Ashlee' by REPORT.  $66 - 75. Loved them, but I can't decide which color to get: gray, black, tan, or cream?
2. My view of heeled oxfords went from shock/disgust, to grudging respect, and finally to fullblown lust.  Much like many a hollywood romance.  =) If I'm going to spend up to $100 on them tho, I want the perfect pair.  'Perfect' to me, means beautiful contrast detailing, well structured profile, and a heel less than 3".  I found all of these in 'Steppin' by Jeffrey Campbell, but they are $100.  Also found these nice little ones that are a little more modern.  And finally the pair I bought on sale at Nordstrom, 'Frost' by Me Too, for $60.  Which should I keep??
3. These next three sandals are about as close as I'll get to the abominable gladiator-sandal craze that has swept our fair cities.  The 'Athena' sandal from Urban Outfitters, and a twisted T-strap number (pink, or gold?), also from Urban Outfitters.
4. Some Jeffrey Campbell cutout heels that I probably won't get, but don't they look interesting?
5. My humble "wall" of shoes.

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24+ pairs? yeesh! but i too have had shoes on my mind as of friday....

which reminds me, i was wondering what you thought about these in the red color scheme:

I was going to say, nice colors and design.  Depends on what you're going for though!

#11! ;P
I thought am the only one addicted to these things called shoes...but our tastes are different....i love mine masculine a bit...but enjoy looking at your feminine pairs.
Sandals are nice for the Summer and the closed toed shoes for the Winter. I think your doing fine, it's not like your Imelda Marcos! lol
oh, steph! i love how you justify shoe lust with the story of your INSANE co-worker. a woman can never have too many pairs of shoes, but make sure you save some money for food and rent. =)

can you actually walk in heels for more than 30 minutes without developing excruciating pain? i can't. otherwise i think your pair from nordstrom is very cute!

as for the ashlee shoe, just look through your wardrobe to see what color matches the best...or look through your shoe collection to see what color is missing.

Yeah my coworker's collection sounds out-of-this-world, huh?  I think she took out insurance on them, and keeps them in plastic bins with a picture of the contents pinned in front of each bin.

thanks for the advice, all!