Outfitting: Stepping in Time, a.k.a. the most expensive pair of socks anyone ever bought, short of Rodarte.

A few of you may remember the drawn-out drama of acquiring these MaxMara 'Amelie Rio' stockings. I first saw them in the window of the MaxMara at South Coast Plaza, and subsequently tracked them down at the Moxie boutique in Boston. In the past two years, I think I've maybe worn them twice. Until now.

Do I regret the purchase? Not in the least. Did they have the life-changing effect I thought they would have on me? Not exactly - at least not the way most people would define 'life changing.' But it was significant, the first real item of luxury I bought for myself. And in that way, they were a bit of a gateway drug; they allowed me to consider things heretofore outrageous, to be within my scope of acquisition. They allowed me to pamper myself, which I'd never really done much before. And they are, quite simply, gorgeous, and I enjoy their beautiful craftsmanship and general loveliness every time I think about them.

So I guess in that way, yes, they were life-changing after all. I had a heck of a time finding something in my wardrobe that would work with them, and all the people who told me that they would fall down were absolutely right - I had to buy a garter belt just to hold them up.  And I kind of laugh because the bottom half of this outfit is very expensive, but the top half cost barely anything at all.  After all, the stockings were worth it - and this love story had a happy ending.