Outfitting: Noodle house

This dress is the fussiest thing. It's only got one and a half layers... as in, the inner layer only goes halfway down my back, so the lower half is super thin and in dire need of a slip, or a pair of leggings. It also doesn't fit super well, but I forgive it all these trespasses because the print is just so, so gorgeous. It's made out of a vintage sari: 

I got the dress for like $10 at the Echo Lake annual Lotus Festival. Some other girl was trying it on and I spied it and coveted it immediately. I couldn't believe she actually put it down, but I didn't ask too many questions before I pounced on it. I especially love the gold embroidery at the bodice.

Ducked into King of Noodle in the Inner Sunset for a very hearty, warm and satisfying dinner of boiled dumplings and Shandong-style hand-pulled noodles.

  • Random dress made out of a vintage sari
  • Anthropologie knit bolero
  • H&M tights
  • Corso Como boots