Outfitting: Mixing neutrals

Catching up with today's outfit and Friday's outfit. Firstly, a sweater dress:

This dress is so weird. I think it's suppose to be off-the-shoulder because one whole side of the dress is shorter than the other. It's quite roomy on the top and fitted around the hips. I own another dress like this, but I might like the other one better; this one is a bit too fussy, though the material is nice and cozy-soft. One of the few days I am totally ModClothed-out.

And next, a Friday outfit that layers ruffles upon ruffles:

Maybe it was ruffle overkill, and the outfit was rather fussy also, but I think the overall effect was interesting. I really like this new cardigan I got the tiered ruffles are really sweet and the color is neutral enough to pair with so many things. Someone commented that the blackness of the boot was too heavy for the airiness of the top, but I beg to differ.
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Your first look appeals to me on so many levels: I constantly mix charcoal and brown in my own wardrobe, the juxtaposition of the soft folds of the jersey dress and masculinity of the boots, and how great the patterned tights offset the simplicity of your other pieces. The second outfit is grown-up and adorable at the same time. I like the harshness of the black boots because it downplays the sweetness of the blouse and sweater.