Outfitting: In the swing of things

I tried to be very good and went a good few weeks without making another ModCloth order. But I broke down recently and got a couple coats I'd been coveting, as well as some odds and ends. Put together this outfit for an easygoing weekend.

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Hi Stephanie,
I saw you on LinkedIn and I'm very, very familiar with modcloth. I have a number of dresses that I've ordered in the past. My apology on the bombardment here, I just wasn't sure how to get a hold of you, otherwise. I was just wondering if you are currently utilizing a mobile network to advertise on. I know that you have been very successful with Facebook, but now over a quarter of the population is using smartphones and that number is only going to grow larger over the next years to come! If you're interested in talking with me, please email me or I can be reached on skype at kacee.evitts also I am on LinkedIn. I look forward to talking with you, Stephanie!