More Dilemmas: Random shoes I am thinking of getting

I am probably closest to getting the ones pictured below, 'Shani' lace-up wedge booties by Bronx.  In brown.  Because they are some of the most awesome shoes I've seen all season.  The ones available are a bit large for me (size 7) but I think I'm willing to take the risk since...I can always return it I guess.

Other contenders:

Yes, I think I am going through another teal phase.  Last time, it resulted in a jewel-like formal top and a sleeveless, seventies-tastic romper (I promise I'll wear it and post pictures).  This time, it's shoes.
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It's not Nine West, and the toe is different, and they don't have it in teal but the grey comes close! Cute huh :)
I always find it interesting browsing the shoe section of YesSyle.
@spiffy - um wow, those come pretty darn close!  My biggest problem with YesStyle tho is that they haven't figured out the sizing issue O_o.
that first pair...those are some SERIOUS shoes. I don't think I can do heels that high but anyone who can pull them off...WOW.
Hmm I think #6 is cute, but 'magnificent' I would reserve for #1 =)
by the way everyone.... I took the plunge and got the crazy Bronx gladiator bootie-wedges up top. I was eyeing them on Amazon for a long time and then they went out of stock in my size. I was heartbroken, and that's how I knew I really wanted them. Luckily, they still had a pair on It was cheaper but with shipping it netted out to be the same price. I'm still kind of unsure whether I made the right choice, but I guess I'll find out when they arrive!!

Thanks for all your thoughts =)

I'm in for #1,2,3 and 7. Love them all!