It's official. Gwen Stefani's L.A.M.B. is shoe genius at its finest.

I've been sort of resisting L.A.M.B. shoes because of the celebrity association - in general, it seems really tacky to wear something a celebrity puts out as part of his/her merchandising empire.  Plus, I'm not one to sit by and help someone who is already rich doing one thing, to get richer doing something else.  And so, I fought hard not to fall for these shoes.

But it's no use.  I am head-over-heels in love.
I am most arduously ravished by her cheesily named 'Feisty' heels.  Let's analyze, shall we?  First, you have the snakeskin.  Whether it's fake or real (at these prices, they had better be real), you can never really go wrong with black and white snakeskin.  Classy, expensive, and luxurious, and different.

Next, you have the beautifully executed play on proportions, with thickish straps on top and a single thin black strap on bottom.  After attending my company holiday party last night, I realize I absolutely hate thin strappy heels.  To me they look paltry and weak; I like my shoes, like I like everything else in life, to have some substance and structure.  These Feisty heels definitely embody both.

Then you have striking embellishments in the double-black strap/buckles.  A lovely detail that adds so much dimension, plus it makes it somewhat customizable to your comfort.  And finally, you have the gorgeous and unique triangular wooden heel.  They could have gone with a simple stacked or stiletto heel.  But that wouldn't have been nearly as satisfying, now would it?  There is nothing about this shoe that isn't beautifully designed and well thought out.  I also included some of my other favorites, all with striking silhouettes, substance, and structure: the Cho heel, the Finsbury, and the Gypsy.
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Love, love love these shoes!!!!
oo. loving the second pair. i wonder how easy it is to repair if i scratch that heel though...
Her shoes are amazing, love the nude and black platform!
L.A.M.B. is one of the very few celebrity labels that does a good job producing tasteful items.
@Kimberly Agreed - sure beat Fergie's line methinks!
loving the second pair. i wonder how easy it is to repair if i scratch that heel though...Theme Wedding Planner
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