I really don't get why everyone is so darn obsessed with A.P.C. (the French label)

I mean seriously, people.

Case in point: the girl who produces Camp Comfort, along with every single person in The Laws of General Economy community, they all seem to worship heartily at the alter of A.P.C. On Economy, if something gets posted for sale and it says A.P.C on the label, it's done for.  Girls trip over themselves to get a piece of the action like wolves tearing the last morsels of flesh off a downed caribou. I swear.

Disclaimers: 1) I do enjoy the down-to-earth style of Camp Comfort most of the time, 2) I am a rabid/avid follower of Economy and have bought two pretty cool items, and 3) I never owned a piece from A.P.C. and can't vouch for its quality or fit. But A.P.C., though exercising beautifully French restraint and looking mighty comfy, feels like little more than absurdly overpriced basics that you could otherwise get from Gap, or Banana, or J. Crew.  Observe:
Now, what makes it okay to spend $230 on a pair of overalls?  Is the cotton woven from the dried saliva of endangered Amazonian vampire bats?  Golden droplets of fairy-tears?  Tailbones of Ethiopian orphan babies?  I admit there are a few pieces in their new Spring 2010 collection that are lovely, like a few of the tops and dresses.  But there are other pieces that are downright grungy looking, and all I have to do is dig through my childhood closet to achieve that kind of look, thankyouverymuch.

Seeing the kinds of pieces that sell like hotcakes on Economy makes me think that people are indiscriminately and rabidly obsessed with the label without really evaluating the pieces individually for integrity and style.  I don't care what you say or who made it, I won't be duped into buying an ugly, expensive parka just because some fancy French label told me it was cool.

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the same reasons girls will pay $1000+ for a CANVAS Louis Vuitton bag?
LoL Elizabeth, I don't understand that one, either!! Oh the mysteries of life.
Ugh, APC. Never understood the obsession. If I'm going to drop that much money on a french label I'd rather go with Cotélac. At least their stuff is actually flattering!
@ambiettraffic WORD.  A.P.C.'s clothes are so shapeless!  Thanks for the recommendation; I never heard of Cotelac and am sure to check it out.
Wow, all I can say about the price points of the clothing listed is overpriced and unimpressive. I wouldn't be spending money on those items.

There's a really great and affordable clothing line in Canada called, Joe Fresh which has similar looks and items. I'm sure you'll find it interesting to look through and the prices are extremely reasonable. Here's the link, http://www.joe.ca/en/

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