Hot or Not? Draped jersey dress from Surface2Air

Surface2Air is another one of those impeccably easy-breezy French labels (like the absurd A.P.C.) that I feel like I should love.  I mean, Garance Dore herself swoons over it.  Surely if such elegant tastemakers endorse the company, then I should too, right?

As such, I came * thisclose * to ordering this dress tonight.  $69, from $150.  And I have my mom to thank for bringing my daffy head back down to earth (see below for our IM convo).

memom, are you still there?  what do you think of this dress: [link to]
me: i like it
KhoonI saw only the blue dress   that is ugly do U mean this blue one  or else
me: the blue one.
me: why is it ugly? i like it.
Khoon: it is ugle & wiere too  Not good @ all

In the end, it was the "wiere" backside of the dress that really made me scratch my head.
5 responses
love the brand, love the dress, but this colour is awful for asians!
Haha really?  I have a few things in that color.  Maybe it still depends on your skin tone, which differs from Asian to Asian ;)
True true! You are a blessed fair-skinned Asian!! Some of us darker/yellower folks look like we're wearing a life-sized bruise with this colour :/
the front is beautiful, but I agree the back is terrible. It looks sloppy.
i think the dress is cute, but can't imagine it looking very good on a real person.