For Men: When you want to look badass, Nicholas K's got (the clothes on) your back.

I was going to cancel this post because it looked as though Spring had finally decided to stay for good.  But then the weather got nasty again this weekend, and I realized people may still be in the market for a spring/fall jacket, that nice in-between bit of outerwear that is not too heavy but still keeps you warm (and relatively dry) when the weather just can't decide what to do with itself.
After Nicholas K answered my prayers by outfitting me with the uttermost perfect black jacket, they've quickly lodged the label among my most favoritest designers ever.  I can't claim I'm quite 'cool' enough to be wearing all the fantastic things they create, but the styles actually make me want to be that 'cool.'
When I received my black jacket and started prancing around in it, I found that my guy was jealous of how 'cool' I suddenly became.  Ah, but you, too, can be as cool as I!  I blithely told him. Because Nicholas K makes menswear that is even more gorgeous than his women's clothing.  
It's almost enough to make you want to get riddled with tattoos and ride a motorcycle, or just saunter down the street in a cloud of cool-itude.  Check out some of the styles from the Spring 2010 collection:

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pretty cool stuff. I'm not crazy about some of the saggy crotch pants but the jackets and the knit wear are pretty awesome - good find steph!
Saggy crotch pants?  What saggy crotch pants?
harem pants (pic 3, first group) - don't think i'd ever wear those too, even if they're on trend :X
LOLs, they do make the model's legs look a bit short, don't they.
Damn, if I could still afford designer clothes, I'd get some!
Like that cool $100 steampunk shirt you bought!
Yeah, although it was $200.
they're having a sample sale in NYC next week, BTW, just in case you're interested...
Of course I'm interested, but there's no way I could have made it to NYC this weekend!  Bummer!
Yeah, yeah, those jackets look very cool. You'd look awesome walking down the street if your swagger can match the style of those clothes.
I really like these t shirts. Unique as well as stylish. Cool stuff!!!!!
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