Dear Anthro: I'm still in love with you.

It's been a while since I made a serious visit to the Anthropologie site. I was a little burned out after the orgy of Anthro-induced spending I made last year, where I bought all kinds of things including a $200 trench coat (which I still like a lot, by the way). Looking back, that was entirely too much to spend on a trench of that sort. 

I'm not really sure what got me to go back this time. I think because someone at work sent around a link to the Free People "Vintage Loves" campaign (which, by the way, is totally absurd, especially the pricing!), and that got me thinking, and then I got an e-mail about Anthro's latest sale. So I made a beeline for the sale section, and picked out all the best of the best--and yes, I too noticed my penchant for whites, blues, and pale oranges.

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U have so many pretty things. They are so lovely. I am going to recommend this to all my gf right now.
loving the last tank
I work at Ann Taylor and in this location, there is an Anthro just a few stores down from me. Every day after work, I find myself in the whimsical wonder of Anthropologie. I realize because I have been there so much, I know when a shirt has moved, or a new candle is out, or when a size is sold. Welcome back to the Anthropologie band wagon. :) MWAH!
Lols, thanks so much Jillian. That's so funny, I totally go through periods of going so often to Anthro that I start noticing the lifecycle of different items through their sale section :)
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