Yes, please congratulate me.

A month ago, I bought my very first pair of designer jeans, a pretty little denim number by the illustrious Paige.  Normally I would spit in my own eye and scream "SELLOUT!" but rest assured I did not pay full price for them--I paid $89 at Century 21, "New York's best-kept secret," this amazing place where you can get a Linea Pelle belt for $50 (they retail at $200+) and DKNY tights for $5.

Really, the only reason I bought them was not because I really needed a well-fitting pair of jeans (my $25 Gap jeans do me just fine), but because the butt design is so pretty.  I couldn't help it.

Now, we'll see how long it takes before I make the leap to designer handbags.  I think it will be quite a long while, because there are thousands of other things I'd rather spend my hard-earned money on.

Update: Steph Wong took this picture.  She wanted credit for it =D

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Yowza! Nice jeans, among other things.

Whooaza! Good distraction for Garry! Recharged for the remaining months grind. (:

Cool ornate illus on the jeans.

* blush *

Downloaded. Thanks Posterous!!


LovelY...fits the goods fine thank you;-)

Love the design. But even though you got them on sale, $89 is still too steep a price for jeans for me. I'd rather spend that on a good bottle of wine. Yes, I know my priorities are skewed, but I'm okay with that :-D

lol Linda...myself i never even get inside the shop not unless the sale indicates 70% off then ad be attracted but of late its been really difficult to get a good pair of jeans for me but am thankful to my two loyal pairs that av had since 2004! Steph, i'll send you my

@Linda I must be a philistine, b/c I can't understand why one would pay more than about $25 for a can get some really good stuff for that price!

@Dee, trust me this was a huuuuuuuuuuuuge step for me, as I also usually live in the same two pairs for years and years.  I think once, I bought two pairs in 2002 and wore them to the ground until 2007.

So there you have it, one more reason to come visit NYC... like you really needed a reason!! ;))

I think what Garry wanted to say was "nice butt!" =) I've recently decided to upgrade from Gap jeans to Banana Republic jeans, but I still can't bear to spend more than $30 on a pair. Someday when Glen is making the big bucks, I'll try out designer jeans. I don't even want to try on a pair now for fear of falling in love.

I know what you mean about wearing jeans to the ground. A couple years ago, I got home from school and realized that the little hole in the butt of my jeans had torn into a huge flap! Not quite as embarrassing as last year when I accidentally tucked the back of my skirt into my underwear after using the toilet, and I'd been walking down the street for a few minutes before a good woman stopped me. Oh, yes. It is true.

Good jeans are soooooooooooooooo hard to find. Good job! They look great and the price was a steal!

I haven't dropped the big money on designer jeans yet. I've tried, but either my penny-pinching self gets in the way, or I just can't find anything that fits!

wow, i hope garry is appreciative of the lengths you are going to help promote his dreams.

take it off! take it off!

1 year ago, i upgraded from lei and paris blues to express jeans (normal fit, petite). they fit me pretty well.

The jeans look great on you so it def was not a waste of $$!
They look really good...I wouldn't mind paying if I really wanted them.
I have a hang-up about purses..not necessarily designer, but good quality leather..with lots of compartments. It seems I always need just one more :)