Which rain boots should I buy?

I know it's warm and summery outside.  Which is exactly why I want to take advantage of new sales on rain boots in anticipation of winter rains.  I am torn between a few cute, $20 options, one $60 "artistic" one and a premium $118 designer one.  Thoughts? I'm leaning towards the:

- Red with white dots
- Hand-drawn looking artist boots for $60
- Gray/white argyle
- Houndstooth

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I love red with white dots and the woodcut black/white one of the washerwomen.
I vote for the red one with white dots and the white one with the red rim and red & blue flowers.
Washerwomen! Is that what they are?? By golly you're right. Too bad those are the ones that cost $118.

Thanks for the input guys...looks like red dots may be coming out ahead. Anyone else?

I'm buying me the washerwomen! (The boots. Not the women.)
Why are the washerwomen next to a big cock!?
you should buy iron man boots. they are cute, have great traction in water, and come with handy dandy jet propulsion systems.
where can i get those, and how much do they cost!?
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