Vintage whimsy at J. Peterman Co.

I discovered this site through, of all places, It's an extraordinary site with an extraordinary story. Built from the ground up by a former ballplayer, it went bankrupt once before coming back stronger than ever.  What I love most is the romance surrounding all of its pieces - from the beautiful watercolor illustrations to the story-like item descriptions. I'm so intrigued, and will likely make a first purchase soon. Hope the quality of the clothing lives up to the persona of the brand.


“A true leader always keeps an element of surprise up his sleeve, which others cannot grasp but which keeps his public excited and breathless.”

—Charles de Gaulle

I was thinking of the great leader since I was in “his” airport studying a young woman in front of me. Don’t know if she was a true leader, but I know I would have followed her anywhere. I watched her stride off; her pants clinging, but flowing at the same time. A body-skimming blouse on top. Very attractive look, I thought. Suddenly there was a large gap in the line in front of me. My French ferret, who knows me only too well, said, “Stop outfitting.” Anyway, I know these items will surprise you and keep your public breathless and excited. 

Plaid Taffeta Blouse

Plaid Taffeta Blouse 

(No. 2919). Plaid meets 100% silk taffeta and you never have to ask where’s the party. You’re in it. With shawl collar. Two-button closure with tie front. Long sleeves with a demure slit and button. Front and back princess lines. Shaped hem. Looks fantastic with anything, especially pleat-front pants. Imported.

Women’s sizes: 2 through 18.

Color: Red, Black, Cream Plaid.