Dilemmas: Should I Buy It?

I've been eying this Sheri Bodell dress for a long time now.

I love the subtle sweetheart neckline, embellishments and color. I always deemed it too "expensive" and I already have a million other black dresses.

But, this one's gorgeous with the detailing AND it's on sale for $170 (reg $568), what a deal.

The only downside is it's final sale, meaning not-returnable. What if I get it and I don't like it or the dress doesn't fit me well? Then I'm stuck with an expensive dress that I'd never wear.

What do you think, should I buy it?
4 responses
It's lovely, but I think its non-returnable status makes it a bad purchase. You're better off going to a Nordstrom Rack and shopping around there since you can try things on. My other concern would be that it is silk, which tends to rip at the seam very easily and the fact that someone who WASN'T a size XS had bought this pre-sale, tried it on, and returned it with stretched seams.
I agree with Jenny.. dresses, especially strapless ones, are such a risk (armpit pudge! happens to everyone!). I took a similar risk with a Shoshanna dress I bought during gilt's final sale clearance. I normally wear a size 4, but then that is for the inflated sizes at mass-market manufacturers like BR and J.Crew. When I got the dress, I couldn't zip the dress up by a long shot--there was a good 3-4 inches between the two sides of fabric. So either I have to get the dress let out, or lose a ton of weight, or try to re-sell the dress on eBay. Or just give it away. And at least I only paid $40 for it, not $170!
No. I hate this dress, please do not buy it. I hope that helps!
thank you for the comments everyone. i didn't buy it.