Who We Are

Stephanie Lim started Wearability because she wanted a place where ordinary people could feel safe talking about the fashion they liked, in a world where waifs and uber-trendy 'fashionistas' think they make the rules on style.  She loves to find elegance in comfort, poetry in details, and beauty in the everyday.

Jimmy Chu  Yes, that is his real name.

Sushmita Subramanian spends a lot of time thinking about the design of: products, art, food, and fashion. She gets fashion inspiration mostly from people watching and also some of the great tips she's picked up from What Not To Wear ;)
Annie Kim is one of those enviable people who has been developing her style for years and years--the result being something that is consistent, confident, and uniquely personal. Experimental and dancer-like, with flowy, comfortable fabrics and unfussy cuts and an eclectic mix of high and low.

Erica Walker has long held a passion for fashion and personal style, which she inherited from her mother, a former fashion model.  She's been photoblogging herpersonal style since 2006 on flickr. Erica sees style as an art form in itself, especially fashion that pushes the boundaries and explores uncharted territory. She wants to do mhery part to encourage discovery, risk-taking and having fun with it all. Forward!  

Garry Tan