Outfitting: Flight attendant or high school teacher?

Not sure which look I'm channeling with this outfit. It all came about in my determination to give my closet thorough cleaning/organizing, when I came across this pretty awful light blue polo shirt from J.Crew that I've worn maybe twice in the last six years.

Determined to make it work somehow, I tried what has proven to be a pretty reliable tactic when trying to make an awkward collared shirt work: tuck it in. This I tried with a rather sculptural high-waisted pencil skirt from Zara (too bad you can't see the details in this grainy photo), and added this scarf, which I have also worn maybe twice, but in the last nine years. Two birds with one stone, this outfit!
  • J.Crew polo
  • Zara pencil skirt
  • Gray pumps from Hotwind in Beijing
  • Random scarf I bought on Canal St. in NYC, circa 2002