Last vote on rain boots, I promise!

Culled my favorites from the last two votes and added a couple other enticing entires (I really like the blue one with floral pattern!).  I might be able to rationalize buying two pairs, but still have too many I'm looking at.  So please, help me choose.  I love them all.  They are like candy.

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Definitely either the 1st one or the houndstooth one.
My first choice is still the red one with white dots. The last one is cool, but would that look good with jeans (as in...would they be too similar in color) ?
Omg Sanny, I didn't even think about how they would look with
jeans, but

you're right!
Hmm, they might look good with black, gray, khaki, or pretty much any pant except jeans.
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