I just bought an awesome ring.

I'm not a big jewelry person (I promise I'm not!).  But I have been wanting a smoky quartz cocktail ring for years.  I keep looking on eBay every once in a while for estate rings, but they were usually too expensive, or not quite right. 

I originally wanted an emerald-cut stone, but then I found an oval-cut ring that was too great to pass up.  50 carats!  I can barely comprehend how gigantic that is.  I couldn't get over how shiny it was.  So I bid on it.

Someone tried to outbid me at the last minute.  But they didn't know I was determined, and I took them out like the trash!  Muahaha.

I guess the stone looks a little yellow to be smoky quartz... but oh well.  $30 for a giant cocktail ring sounds okay to me.  And I can always get myself another one, with an emerald-cut stone =D

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it's weird how easy it is to get wrapped up in a little ebay bidding battle. i remember Garry and I getting into one with my road bike. we won, naturally.
Yeah you totally get psychologically invested in winning once you place the first bid.  It's such a terrible feeling when you get outbid =D

Pretty ring! I love smoky topaz.
50 carats! that's pretty stinking HUGE!

unfortunately, i don't have the patience to win ebay auctions...

Don't mess with the Tan brothers. We will outbid anyone!

Oh wait, that's not a good thing...