Dilemmas: Which Flats Should I Buy?

As much as I love to wear heels, I live in San Francisco; hills, public transportation and walking a lot pushes me towards wearing flats almost daily.

I need new flats. I usually go for dark flats, but I'm feeling kind of summery and light (except for the last one). Please let me know which one I should get or if I should continue searching.

Wanted Shoes Bolero Ballerina with Bow $34.95
Wanted Shoes Dizzy Flat $49.95
Steve Madden Kazler Ballerina Flat $89.95

Update: Thanks to everyone that responded. I ended up getting the first one and it unfortunately doesn't fit me well! There's very little support and I don't have wide feet, but it sure feels like I do! Search continues...

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out of these three, i'll see the first one with the wide crisscross (somehow i think the spelling looks wrong but can't get it right..too late in the night). it's a right mix of modern chic and yet i think can last longer. the sparkly - feeling a bit young and the dark one ... slightly too gaudy. good luck! :)
Oh, with the three pictures you have posted choosing one is going to be a hard decision. I'm not one to be frugal so I will say buy all three b/c it's hard to find good pair of shoes which are fashionable and practical.
Personally, I really like the first pair (you just can't go wrong with gold shoes).  The others I felt had a few too many dingdongs hanging all over them =)
I agree, the first pair looked classy and simple. I was a little overwhelmed by the embellishments on the last two. Go for #1 :)
Thank you all for responding. I got them earlier this week and they didn't fit me. :( I don't know why I keep getting shoes online...disappointment is often high, but good thing there's free return shipping. ;)
What a shame! I've been pretty lucky w/ ordering shoes, only the cage
sandal gladiators I had to return but the anthro slingbacks were
awesome. I'll have to post pics of them laters.
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