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Omigod - the blue ones. They are so beautiful.
@frockery - I agree, those are my faves too!
@trudy - haha more power to you - hope you actually do get them!
The blue is my choice - how often will you see blue - not navy - boots!!! cute - cute - cute!!!!
blue ones! love the military inspired details
definitely #2. maybe i can get them at goodwill in about 10 years...
Oooh, Me Likey!!! Heck, I'd buy all of them but if by chance I had the money to spend and had to choose just one pair it would be #2. ;)
Blue ones.
Why do the great/beautiful shoes always have to be so expensive (le sigh).
That's an excellent question, really - I am wondering the same myself.  It's not just shoes either.  Clothes too, though I guess it's easier to find beautiful clothes for a good price if you look hard enough.  Sounds like a blog post in the making.
ugly, ugly, ugly. sorry.
@kitty haha, you are welcome to share your opinion.  To each his/her own!
you're kidding - aren't you! They are so ugly. All of them. But the blue one the most.


Wieso? Die blauen sind doch echt schick. Wuenschte, ich koennte sowas tragen, ohne mir die Knoechel zu brechen.
Goldspitze??? Iiiiiiii.
@FraukeWatson Genau!  Ich weiß auch, ich würde mir den Knöchel zu brechen.