Back in the 'view.

You may think Chicago was all fun and games, but believe it or not, I actually was there for work.  I went to give a couple talks, and I'm relieved I got through in one piece, hah!

Anyway, the flight was uneventful; though I was really happy because it was an overbooked flight (they even had to beg some people to take tomorrow morning's flight), but somehow there was at least one seat open, and it was next to me.  So I got two seats to myself the whole way.  Score.

More importantly though, I won the belt of my dreams in an eBay auction.  I was nervous I wouldn't win it because I would be on a plane when the auction ended, and I like to track things all the way to the end to guard against those jerks who snipe auctions at the very end.

I've been looking for a brown, woven-leather belt for a while, and I came * thisclose * to buying this one on, but thank goodness I didn't, because that one costs more than $60 with shipping, and mine only cost about $25 with shipping, and I have to say, it looks like much better quality and is a lovelier color.  Don't say you like the urbn one better, because I will sock you.

This belt will fill so many gaping holes in my wardrobe, I can't even begin to tell you.  See how beautiful it is?  Ah, shameless consumerism.  AND I read through an entire Harper's Bazaar on the plane.